How to protect yourself from bee attacks

Posted at 3:44 AM, May 24, 2017
As we hit the most dangerous time of the year for deadly bee attacks, 13 Action News has an urgent warning for Las Vegas valley families.
"When we leave the scene, they'll be following us," said beekeeper Joshua Hammons. 
Joshua Hammons' farm, Hammons Honey, is located in Logandale, Nevada.  There are about 200 hives on the property.
"Probably about 30,000 bees in that hive," he said. Hammons gave 13 Action News an exclusive look at the hives.
"Some species of bees will give you a few headbutts, warning shots first before they sting you," said Hammons.
The best way to protect yourself is to avoid disturbing a nest.  
If bees begin to swarm around you, Hammons says you should immediately leave the area.  
You want to run away into an enclosed, preferably cold, shelter. You can also use a handheld vaccuum to remove the bees.
Hammons has been working with bees for nearly a decade.  He responds to bee calls around the valley.  
All of the bees on his farm have been rescued. If you would like to get rid of a hive without hurting the bees, you can reach Hammons at (801) 529-7562.


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