How the Amazon Empire took over the world

Posted at 1:24 PM, May 03, 2017

Right now Amazon holds about 34 percent of U.S. online sales and by 2021 most analysts expect it will dominate with 50 percent. With the world's third-richest person in charge they are slowly crushing other businesses and taking over. Jared Cotteris talking with The Amazon Way author John Rossman to find out Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce company grew to be such a giant.

1.  Books

They started out with book in 1995 and their original tagline read, Earth's Biggest Bookstore.” Amazon's original name was and in fact if you type in that URL it still goes to Amazon."

2.  Entertainment

They definitely took it bigger when they set their sights on the entertainment industry. With big names and even bigger competition, Amazon Studios released four movies in theaters nationwide last year. They even won three Academy Awards and two Golden Globes.

3.  The Future

Amazon's goal is to win, wherever the battlefield takes them. They knew from day one that books wasn't the end game for them and so they've just never narrowly defined their business and they never think that the business they're in today defines the businesses that they're going to be in the future. Now they're setting their sights on the fashion front with the latest version of the Amazon Echo that will even take pictures of your outfit and judge it for you.

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