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Marie Louise Cancer Foundation: Raising awareness of breast cancer

Posted at 6:36 PM, Sep 20, 2013
and last updated 2014-09-17 15:17:04-04

Eight years ago Marie Seide's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nine months later, Marie was also diagnosed with the same type of cancer.

Marie said, "My  mother passed away on April 21st, 51 days after my mastectomy. It was so hard for me and I didn't know where to turn so I said I have to do something."

Marie's mother died, but she vowed to raise awareness about breast cancer among the uninsured. She reaches out to Haitian and African American women.

Sherlie Voncy is one of her clients. Four years ago Sherlie was able to get treatments because of Marie.

"When I find a woman who needs medical care, I will call Bethesda, I will call Boca Community and they will work with me."

Marie's foundation, the Marie Louise Cancer Foundation, helps provide transportation, translation and financial assistance.

"She gave me great information about everything," Sherlie Voncy said. "Sometimes, when I could just cry, she sat with me and said 'don't cry' she said 'life is not done.' "

Marie couldn't save her mother's life, but tries to save the lives of the women she meets. "All you have to do is fight and I am with you. And I am going to fight with you and that's exactly why I opened the foundation to help other women."

Marie Louise Cancer Foundation
Marie Seide, Founder/President
112 SE 23rd Avenue
Boynton Beach

The organization will be hosting a fundraiser in October.