Thousands show up for Sanders health care rally in Michigan

Posted at 1:04 PM, Jan 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-15 13:04:46-05

WARREN, Mich. (AP) -- Thousands of people are showing up for a rally in suburban Detroit where U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will speak in support of President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

It is one of several rallies around the country by Democrats ahead of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration. Trump has promised a speedy repeal and replacement of the law that was one of Obama's proudest achievements.

People were lined up four abreast for the length of 3 or 4 football fiends waiting to get in to the rally Sunday in a parking lot at Macomb Community College in Warren.

The law delivered health coverage to about 20 million people but is saddled with problems such as rapidly rising premiums and large co-payments.

Republicans in Congress have begun the process of repeal.