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Seniors of Vi at Lakeside Village keep moving in preparation for Wisdom Warrior Challenge

Occupational therapist started race for seniors after 5K 'too much'
Posted at 11:27 AM, Mar 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-08 11:27:01-05

LANTANA, Fla. — Charles Kanter has been preparing for this senior race.

"Walking, using the machines, going to yoga class," the 93-year-old said.

Kanter and other senior walkers are taking part in the Wisdom Warrior Challenge race – a competition for seniors ages 50 to 110 at their independent senior living community in Lantana.

The race was started in 2019 by occupational therapist Linda Borgmeyer.

"Actually, the residents I had taken them to a 5K, and we dreamed it up on the way home because a 5K was just too much," she said. "It wasn't senior friendly."

occupational therapist Linda Borgmeyer created Wisdom Warrior Challenge
Occupational therapist Linda Borgmeyer founded the Wisdom Warrior Challenge in 2019.

Borgmeyer said it's all about staying active well into their senior years.

"It's really the answer to most of our things – metabolic disorders like heart disease, diabetes, things that are lifestyle-dependent diseases," Borgmeyer said. "That's something we have control over."

There are races in several locations.

"This year we have 22 – two in North Carolina, the rest in Florida, because this is where I live and breathe," Borgmeyer said.

The seniors at the Vi at Lakeside Village are competitive, winning medals at the end of the race, but in the end, it's about winning at improving their quality of life.

"Connection's really important," Borgmeyer said. "Don't isolate. That's the other thing that we're seeing a lot of, and it's still kind of going on. So, this gives them an opportunity to ban together for the greater cause."

She said it's important for seniors to know that they have more control over their health than they may think.

"But you got to get up and move," Borgmeyer said. "Even if you go to exercise or maybe you have therapy and you do that for one hour a day and you sit for the rest of the day, no bueno. That's not going to work. You have to keep moving."

Kanter is looking forward to a long life.

Charles Kanter says he hopes to live past 100
Charles Kanter says he intends to live past 100, which is why he's focused on staying active.

"I want to keep my physical being as good as is humanly possible," he said. "I expect to live way past 100. And I expect to do it here."

Wisdom Warrior Challenge (ages 50 and up)
Saturday, March 9
Jupiter Community Senior High School
500 Military Trail

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