Worse than normal flu season still hanging on

Posted at 7:49 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 19:49:55-04

Doctors in Palm Beach County say even as the weather gets warmer, flu season won't be over any time soon.

The CDC reports the Influenza virus is widespread in Florida, and local emergency room doctors say they're seeing more patients coming in with flu symptoms right now than they usually do at the end of March.

Dr. Jaime Snarski, who's been in the emergency room at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center for the past nine years, says this is the worst flu season she's seen yet.

Even being in the later part of the flu season, she says, "We still see people every day coming in with these viral symptoms, and they're still pretty miserable."

According to the CDC, Florida is the only southern state in this region of the country where the flu is considered widespread. Snarski says that could be thanks to a lot of the spring travelers coming down from the north.

"People can certainly bring in their illnesses, and certainly when they're traveling on planes, it can pass very easily," she says.

So far, Snarski says there don't appear to be any Tamiflu shortages in the area. She says it's still a good idea for anyone who didn't get a flu shot this year to still get one, however, to protect against getting the flu at all.