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Dirty Dining: Which area restaurants were forced to temporarily close after health inspectors visit?

Posted at 11:40 AM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-09 10:17:37-04

Four area restaurants were among thirty restaurants that were forced to temporarily close following visits by state health inspectors last week.

Eagle Grill in Greenacres was forced to close on May 22, after a state health inspector cited them for four high priority violations. Three of these violations had to do with foods not being cooled correctly, including soup, ribs, crab legs and roast beef.

In addition, there more than thirty roaches crawling around including under the dishwasher, in the restrooms, and on the bar counter, according to the inspection report.

Kangaroo House Subs and More in Lake Park was forced to temporarily close its doors on May 24, for three high priority violations. Roaches could be seen crawling under the microwave, the steam table in the kitchen and under the mop sink. 

In his report, the inspector cited them for having food with mold-like growth and the sweet potato pies were not kept cool enough.

Nick’s Tomato Pie in Jupiter had to close on May 24, when an inspector saw dry and wet rodent droppings near the dish machine.

Orange Blossom Café in Fort Pierce had to shut down its doors on May 25, after being cited for four high-priority violations that included thirty some rodent droppings near the food supplies and the oven.

The inspector, in his report, also noted that the wiping cloth sanitizer solution was not mixed right and exceeded the maximum concentration allowed.

All restaurants have since reopened after they passed follow up inspections.