Diet tips while on spring break

Posted at 12:11 PM, Mar 30, 2016

Erika Strimer, fitness expert and founder of Total Movement Bootcamp in West Palm Beach outlines how to enjoy your spring break while keeping your nutrition in check.

For the traveler who is: On a cruise, vacation rental, hotel buffet

Prepared foods already plated with portions:
1. Breakfast
Egg white veggie omelet, 1 piece dry toast, fruit  OR protein smoothie (pack your own protein)
2. Lunch
BYO salad (1 protein (chicken); 1 fat (nuts/cheese); 1 carb (beans)
3. Snacks (for airport, car trip, in between meals)
Pack pre-portioned veggies (carrots/celery), bars, PB, fruit
4. Dinner
Protein (fish/meat) + 1 Carb (potato/rice)+unlimited veggies
Start with dinner salad
*ask for light seasonings, steamed veggies

TIPS if visiting family/ friends (access to BBQ/Kitchen)
-do some research beforehand to see what’s available for restaurants (look up menu online)
-check out local health shops (Juice bars, smoothies)
-offer to cook or go grocery shopping to pick up some healthy foods
Locally: Seasons 52, FitBody Bistro (have calorie counts available)

White wine spritzer
Vodka  / soda
“skinny” (no sugar, ask for agave) margarita
Light beers (less than ? carbs)