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IHOP server helps a disabled woman eat her meal

Posted at 9:31 AM, Mar 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 15:18:41-04

Sometimes there’s a story so heartwarming you can’t just help but say “awww” out loud while you read it. This is one of those stories. A server at IHOP was captured helping a disabled woman eat her meal while dining with her husband, and the picture is going viral.

Keshia Dotson captured the photo while dining at an IHOP in Springfield, Illinois. “A man and disabled women were dining and your server sat down with them and proceeded to help feed the disabled woman while her companion enjoyed his food. My faith in humanity has been restored a little today,” Dotson captioned the photo on Facebook. The post has been shared almost 5,000 times over the past few days.

Today while visiting your Springfield, IL location on Dirksen I witnessed a very touching moment involving one of your…

Posted by Keshia Dotson on Saturday, March 25, 2017

The server, whose name is Joe Thomas, told news outlet WICS that the woman sits at his table every time she comes to IHOP with her family. She has difficulty eating due to a medical issue, and though Thomas says her husband often stops his meal to help his wife eat her own, he thought he would let the couple dine together for a change.

“They are just really nice people really,” Thomas told WICS. “I always see him stop eating to feed her and I was like, ‘Heck, if I’m not doing anything why don’t I go feed her so he can eat and everyone can be happy?’ My parents always told me to treat people equally and that’s what I try to do all the time.”

Since the post has taken off, Thomas has been offered a nursing job—and he says he’s overwhelmed by the wishes of goodwill he’s received.

“It really felt good for somebody to actually see another person is doing something and take notice,” Thomas said. “It felt good, but at the same time I was like I really don’t care for the recognition too much because it’s just something that should automatically be done regardless. I am out there to help anyone if I can, don’t really look for anything in return just have a good day and that’s it.”

Keshia Dotson/Facebook

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