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Quadruplets Accepted Into 29 Colleges

Posted at 10:54 AM, Apr 14, 2017

When it comes time to choose a college, most of us don’t even consider Ivy League universities like Yale or Harvard. Sure, that would be incredible, but the majority of students will not get to attend the prestigious schools.

For the Yale class of 2021, for example, out of 32,000 applicants, only 2,272 were accepted. For Harvard, just 2,056 students were admitted out of more than 39,000.

That’s why it’s particularly incredible that one family has not just one… not just two… but four students who were accepted into these exclusive spots. Meet: The Wade quadruplets. Aaron, Zachary, Nigel and Nick go by the nickname “Fantastic Four”—and for good reason; all four brothers have been accepted into Harvard and Yale, as well as 27 other schools, including Princeton and Stanford.

The brothers attend Lakota East High School in Ohio and credit their parents with helping them get accepted into so many top schools.

“It’s really something we couldn’t have done on our own without all the support we have had through our lives,” Nick told CBS News. “It has been awesome.”

Suzanna Davis, the principal at Lakota East says the brothers “epitomize” what they want from high school students.

“They are the epitome of academic focus but well-rounded in every way we would want a child to be well-rounded, but each one of them is so very distinct from one another,” she told Hamilton-Middleton Journal-News. “Their individual personalities are what truly set them apart as high school students and as great young men.”

According to CBS News, the brothers haven’t decided where they’ll be attending just yet. Financial aid offers will likely play a role, but as of now, Aaron likes Stanford while Zachary, Nigel and Nick like Yale.

By the way, would you believe this is not the first time quadruplets have been admitted to Yale? Carol, Ray, Martina and Kenny Crouch were all accepted in 2009.

Congratulations to the “fantastic” Wade brothers!

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