Family seeks justice one year after diver killed while cleaning yacht

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 11:25:30-04

It is difficult to listen to an 8-year-old girl talk about her dad, Luis Alberto Gorgonio-Ixba, who is no longer here. But what she tells her 1-year-old sister is even harder to hear. 

"I tell her that our dad is in heaven and that he was a good dad," said Ashley Gorgonio-Ramirez, daughter of Luis Gorgonio Ixiba, who was killed while cleaning a yacht. 

A year ago, the family got the call that Gorgonio Ixia, a diver, was killed while cleaning a yacht docked at Old Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach.

Florida Fish and Wildlife said at the time he was cleaning the hull and the vessel's bow thrusters were turned on. 

"It's been really hard and sad because my brother is not here and we just want answers," said Alma Gorgonio, his sister. 

They are seeking monetary damages. 

"They should have known he was in the water," said attorney John Caracuzzo. 

Caracuzzo said they filed a lawsuit against the yacht owner and first mate, the marina, the company he worked for and his supervisor. 

"The bulk of the complaint and what we are seeking with being for the intangibles. The loss of their father and his love," Caracuzzo said.

Gorgonio Ixia leaves behind four daughters, who his family said will not be forgotten. 

There are numerous parties listed in the lawsuit. We tried to reach out to as many as possible but have not heard back.  Since it was just filed, it is likely they have not been served yet.