The strategy behind Joe Biden's trip to South Florida

Biden camp makes effort to win over voters
Posted at 7:53 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 19:53:31-04

MIAMI — Former Vice President Joe Biden is set to take part in a town hall meeting in Miami on Monday night in front of a group of undecided voters. It's a key group of voters in a state that often has razor-thin victories in presidential races.

Out and about though, it can be hard to find an undecided voter.

"I'll support the president," voter Steve Ritter said. "I think it's insane to vote for someone who has been in office 47 years and expect them to do something different."

Kavin Carty is also leaning toward voting for President Donald Trump.

"For the most part, I am," Carty said. "It's going to take something drastic to change my mind."

Brian Crowley, a WPTV political analyst, said the group of undecided may not be that big.

"Right now, you tell your neighbor who you support and if they are not on the same page with you, it may turn into an argument," Crowley said. "So I think some people are a little hesitant to broadcast who they are for, so I think the chunk of undecided is a lot smaller than we think."

But every vote counts, especially when it comes to Florida. Crowley said Republicans have worked hard to gain their fair share.

"Slice away at the Hispanic vote that has gone to Democrats. They've tried to slice away somewhat at the Jewish vote that often goes to Democrats," he said. "In a state where you win by 1%, that chiseling away at the base of your opponent is very important."

In turn, Biden's trip to Miami is a logical move.

"It's a lot of electoral votes and I think South Florida is where he will do the best in the state," Ritter said. "It makes sense that he would be here."

It's a chance to convince voters.

"He's got it all there, and he can be aggressive about things," Ritter said. "I think he needs more clarity on the issues."

Both parties are staking a strategic claim in the state.

"While Joe Biden is coming to Miami, the Trump campaign is planning for some member of the Trump family, including President Trump himself, to be in Florida every day for the next couple of weeks," Crowley said. "Even if Joe Biden doesn't win Florida, if the Democrats are able to force the Republicans to spend more time and resources in a state they ought to win, that is money and time they aren't spending in other key states."