Oxbridge Academy senior helps renovate, donates camper for homeless

Camper will be donated to Veteran Car Donations
Posted at 4:57 PM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 18:33:44-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A high school student in West Palm Beach is making a difference for someone who may have lost their home during the pandemic.

Oxbridge Academy senior Mia Bonutti made it a year-long project and hopes it renews someone's outlook on life.

On Tuesday, she gave WPTV a sneak peek inside a 30-foot long camper she helped renovate.

It will now be donated to someone in need of a home.

Oxbridge Academy senior Mia Bonutti
Mia Bonutti shares why she began the project to help the homeless.

"The idea actually started my sophomore year when I came up with the idea during quarantine, and then it kind of became a reality starting junior year," Bonutti said.

Once she got the camper, it took about four to five months to completely rip everything apart and begin the renovation.

"The bedroom is honestly my favorite part. I think I redid that the most, along with the kitchen," Bonutti said. "Make the space my own, but yet there's enough room in here for someone to make this their home."

The year-long project is part of the school's independent study where a student pursues a topic of interest.

Camper renovated by Oxbridge Academy senior Mia Bonutti
The 30-foot camper will be donated to Veteran Car Donations.

"When you provide them the opportunity to find things for themselves and just there to support them to let them swim and do on their own, they can do amazing things," said science teacher Benjamin Matzen.

Through this process, Bonutti honed in on her woodworking skills, but it became more about helping those who may have lost a home during the pandemic.

"I really want to make a space for someone who has lost everything and having them at the house even if it is temporary," Bonutti said.

Camper for homeless produced by Mia Bonutti
Here's an inside look at the camper that Mia Bonutti helped renovate for a homeless person in need.

"To help the homeless, it's not just something she made for herself, but it's to help other people. That's really a way of showing Oxbridge's culture of kindness," said student La'Taviona Parke.

The camper will be donated to Veteran Car Donations this Friday.

"Welcome home, and I am so happy that I am able to give you something to live in," Bonutti said.