Facebook group wants Palm Beach County schools to open

Posted at 11:17 AM, Jul 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-01 11:17:49-04

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — The debate over school in the fall is a heated one to say the least. Some families are for opening schools and others are very against it. Now, there is a growing group of parents on social media in Palm Beach County who say they will fight until the end to make sure there is a choice for in-person education for kids.

The newly created private Facebook page, called "Open Palm Beach County Schools--- Our Children, Our Choice" now has hundreds of parents as members.

"With choice being the key word, being the premise of our belief system," said Cheryl Currao, a mom, who said it's also a place to express opinions in a nurturing environment.

The page founders call it a safe haven for weary and concerned families, who said they want and need to have full-time, in-person education in the fall. Gloria Tucker, a mother, noted the challenges of a hybrid solution for working families.

"II can’t leave work," she said. "'OK I have to go home and home school my child.' And I won’t leave her home alone and that’s another concern parents have."

"With the hybrid method, what choice do you have?" questioned Sari, another member of the group. "Your job or kids home alone and they could be in danger left home alone at such a young age without supervision."

The founders told WPTV Newschannel5 that they want to emphasize they are not against virtual education and understand it might work better for some families' situations. But they do want an option for something else.

"There are families that need that," said Currao. "We respect that. Respect us. We want a choice. It’s our constitutional right to have a choice and we are demanding that choice."

Currao shared how virtual went for her and her daughter this spring.

"I’ve always wanted to home school, but she fell through the cracks," she said. "To say every day was difficult is an understatement"

Some of the members believe the school district can come up with a safe and healthy way to keep kids protected.

"The district, they are not going to put our kids in harm’s way when it comes to health and safety of the children," said Tucker.

"We don’t want that choice taken away from us," said Currao. "We don’t want officials making that choice for us."

The founders said they're in this for the long haul.

"Peaceful Protest," said Currao. "And we have great interest within our group, and we are not afraid to do that, and we will do that if we feel the need arises. We are prepared to do that. We are prepared to fight all the way. We are prepared to have our voices heard."