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Virtual learning still requires state health, immunization forms

Check with school to see what forms are needed
Posted at 5:13 PM, Jul 30, 2020

JUPITER, Fla. — Like many parents, you might be gearing up for a virtual start, but make sure not to overlook something important. Health and immunization records, according to school officials, are still required, even for remote learning.

"I guess they are just doing that for preparation once the kids can be in person," said one mother.

The School District of Palm Beach County said students are still required to have their immunizations and physicals to register for school as a new student. A school entry health exam is required for all students new to the district and in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and seventh grade, without an exemption.

There is also an immunization required for those entering seventh grade -- even for virtual -- because it's part of registration.

Dr. Chad Rudnick, a pediatrician with Boca VIPediatrics, said there is a reason for the requirement.

"Even if your child is going to be home and doing distance learning, it’s unlikely that distance learning will have to stay for the entire year," he said. "They would like for all forms. They still need these forms. It's still a part of state law to have a child, who is going to be enrolled in a day care or school environment, whether online or in person."

The forms are provided by your child's doctor. Make sure to check with the school district or private school in which your child is enrolled.

"So to avoid that rush of being able to bring your child back and everyone having to run and get their forms done, get it done now," Rudnick said.

Here is a link to the School District of Palm Beach County's requirements.