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Tips for using Twitter for coupons and deals

Posted at 10:12 AM, Jul 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-17 16:45:33-04

As coupons have migrated increasingly into digital form over the past few years, social media has become a better and better avenue to find them.

Twitter in particular is a great platform to discover new coupons and deals.

Check out five ways to use Twitter for coupon and deal purposes:

Follow influential coupon bloggers
There are a lot of great coupon bloggers to follow that tweet out amazing deals on a daily, if not hourly, basis. We have a few favorites that we've listed below, but there are plenty to choose from.

* @Thrifty Shopaholic: This handle has a nice blend of coupons and deals for a variety of stores without being too overwhelming.

* @CouponingFor4: If you want a no-frills account that pumps out alerts about high-value manufacturer coupons and online sales, then this is the handle for you.

* @coupns4urfamily: In terms of printables, it's tough to beat this handle. Steady updates with new coupons throughout the day.

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Follow your favorite stores
Stores use Twitter in a variety of ways, but most of the ones that offers coupons and have active accounts regularly tweet out when a new offer or deal has been released. Interestingly, it's not only the usual suspects like a Target or Dollar General that tweet out information about coupons and deals, but also a lot of small independent merchants.

For example, you might want to see if your local pizza parlor or boutique has a Twitter account, because those types of business tend to love tweeting out discounts.

Follow your favorite brands
Brands are also using Twitter more to make big product announcements. Sometimes those announcements involve a major discount or price drop. For brands that offer coupons, they also use Twitter to publicize new or upcoming coupons. Obviously, low-price brands are generally a more useful follow than luxury brands, which rarely discount their products.

Save a #coupons Twitter search
Finding coupon bloggers, stores and brands can be somewhat time consuming on Twitter. A faster way to get coupon tweets is simply to type in a #coupons search. There will be some junk to sift through, but the results are surprisingly relevant for #coupons ... more than they are for numerous other hashtag searches.

To save a search, click the "more options" drop down on the right-hand side and click "Save this search" near the bottom of the menu.

Tweet at retailers and request coupons or deals
This technique works far more often than you would think. Stores and brands tend to be much more responsive on Twitter than they are over the phone or in store. This responsiveness doesn't always lead anywhere (besides pleasant customer service), but on occasion the store or brand will offer a coupon or deal to loyal followers that are persistent and complimentary to them.

Bear in mind, the more followers you have and the more you tweet positive things about the store, the more likely you are to get a discount when you approach them.

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