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Tips for designing a student athlete's bedroom

Posted at 10:35 AM, Aug 17, 2015

Most of the basic rules for a relaxed home also apply for making it a great home base for the young athlete.

Interior designers recommend soft lighting, organized spaces and functional furnishings to create a restful, stress-free living environment.

All of these components also make a great space for an athlete to unwind after a game or practice.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggests selecting a single color palette to unify the bedroom. Cool or neutral hues help the room exude serenity and calm and touches of brighter hues can accent the room through area rugs and throw pillows.

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One mainstream color covers the walls or dresses the bed and windows. The classic blue color has staying power that works well for both boys and girls.

Other trendy pops of color or the athlete’s favorite bright color can add to the look and change as the athlete’s tastes change over time. The magazine also suggests painting a section of a wallwith chalkboard paint that the young person can use to personalize the space.

The young athlete also needs a designated place for sports equipment and mementos, as well as another space for reclining, exercising and sleeping. Lockers are available at many furniture stores and provide extra storage space while adding to the sports theme of a room.

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Other options include wall-to-wall shelves, open bins, baskets or buckets. The website of Better Homes and Gardens,, offers free printable labels in a variety of shapes and colors to keep storage accessories organized.

Companies such as Chalk Talk Sports provide ways to personalize a bedroom with aluminum posters, medal holders, room decals and even wall display units for jerseys and special mementos. A room divider such as a folding screen layered with cork boards can serve as a way to create a separate space for a study desk or reading nook and the other side for stretching before and after games and for the sleeping area. The boards can also be used to post game schedules and important notes and to hang hooks for ball caps and sports medals.

Every athlete needs a home base that’s game-ready.

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