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7 life-hack Groupon deals for college students

Posted at 3:25 PM, Aug 15, 2016

Young college students living on campus know the pain of calling home to ask for money when the well goes dry (read: you spent the money on hosting an epic party instead of a textbook or two).

Here are seven great deals we found on Groupon that might save you in the long-run. 

1. A water-resistant, solar-powered smartphone charger
Maybe you took a weekend trip with some friends and need to call your parents to assure them you're studying. Be sure the phone has power with this solar-powered device, which can also be charged with a USB cable. This charger is being offered by Groupon for only $17.99 this week and next (through Aug. 26).

2. Emoji pillows to show which bed is yours
Show people which side of the dorm room is yours with these personalized emoji pillows, which also help show off your personality. For a limited time, two of these are just $9.99, via Groupon.

3. A hoodie without the sweatshirt or jacket
SoHoodie is offering personalized hoodies that can show off your school spirit. These stand-alone hoodies can tuck into your shirt or coat, or tie around your neck, making it transferrable to any outfit. These are also on limited-time discount for just $9.99 each.

4. Military-grade phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S6
Groupon has a clearance deal for Samsung Galaxy S6 owners: Eighty percent off sturdy phone cases. The cases are only $5.97 right now — down from $29.99 — and one could save your phone from the damage of falling off a dorm room window ledge or down a flight of steps in a building of classrooms.

5. Mop slippers for the lazy (and smart)
Many dorm rooms don't have carpet, and therefore require some mopping. These Microfiber Chenille Mop Slippers will help you get in some exercise and avoid hand-held mops. A first-world win. For a limited time, they are only $8.99. Just don't forget to take them off before you head to class.

6. Beverage warmer for the microwave-less dorm room
Not enough space for a microwave? Get one of these $8.99 drink warmers via Groupon — that's more than half off the original price. It's in clearance right now, so act fast on this one.

7. You're going to need good hair, but the parents aren't paying for it anymore
Finding a new stylist while living away from home can be tricky. And if you were used to paying a high-dollar for beauty and can't do that anymore, Groupon's local deals section is a good place to get discounts while searching for the right person to take care of your tresses.