East Tennessee woman's rant against leggings goes viral

Posted at 4:59 PM, Oct 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-27 01:13:20-04

An East Tennessee woman’s fashion-advice video has gone viral, apparently because her patience has been stretched to the breaking point by leggings.

Jamie Higdon Randolph of Cleveland, Tenn., posted the video on YouTube earlier this month, and her no-nonsense opinion about the garment, coupled with her heavy East Tennessee accent, have helped generate some 12 million views and counting on Facebook and YouTube.

In the video, Randolph, a self-proclaimed “big girl,” talks about the advantages leggings offer as an addition to the wardrobes of larger women – as long as the women also wear longer shirts or dresses with them, perhaps accented with boots.

But the woman emphatically proclaims leggings are not pants and shouldn’t be worn as such.

“If they’re too tight, that I can see you got a tattoo on your leg, they’re too tight. They ain’t to be wore, period,” Randolph says. “That’s called pantyhose, honey. Pan-ty-hose. (She sighs.) Lawd, Jesus, white leggings? That’s a big ol’ no-no. You can see all kinds of stuff through them.”

Later, she drives home her most important point: “Make sure your tail is covered. Nobody wants to see what kind of panties you got on. Nobody wants to see anything going up in any body part, I assure you.”

Randolph’s video has generally produced praise both for her advice as well as her sassy delivery – though some viewers have taken her to task for her unsolicited opinion.

The Cleveland woman’s video has also caught the attention of several media outlets, including the British-based Daily Mail.

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