Murder trial begins for Texas man accused of killing mother with hammer

Posted at 8:46 AM, Oct 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-10 13:46:45-04

A man who murdered his mother told detectives he struck her 20 times with a hammer and raped her after she died.

Kevin Davis, 18, faced away from the jury Tuesday and watched video of his interview with detectives during the punishment phase of his trial. When it was over, he swiveled around in his chair, faced the jury and smiled.

Davis pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Monday in the March 26 death of his mother, Kimberly Hill. He faces 5-99 years or life in prison and as much as a $10,000 fine.

Asked during the interview what he thinks he deserves, Davis said 100 years.

Davis told detectives he killed his mother, waited a while for his sister to come home to kill her as well, decided against it and left their apartment in the 4300 block of Kostoryz Road intending to move out of town.

“I had my fill of killing. It seemed a little much,” he said.

He bicycled along train tracks leaving the city but eventually left the bike and a backpack in brush near Annaville.

He then walked to a house in Robstown where a couple testified he knocked on their door and asked them to call police because he murdered someone.

Davis waved at the woman and man when prosecutors asked them to identify Davis in the courtroom.

Prosecutors played the woman’s 911 call in which she can be heard calling to Davis and asking if he wanted to talk to the dispatcher. Davis takes the phone and tells the dispatcher his mother is dead in an apartment and gives the address.

Police went to the apartment and found a trail of blood beginning in the living room, leading them down a hall to the master bedroom. Hill was naked from her waist down and appeared to be posed, Detective Richard Garcia said.

Also spread through the apartment were handwritten notes from Davis. “Chase me. Sorry for the mess. KD,” one note read.

Hill was “the best mother” and didn’t deserve the brutal killing, Davis told detectives.

Detectives asked Davis if he regretted killing her.

“In a way, yes, but I wouldn’t take back what I did. I did love her in a way,” he said. “I’m a terrible, disgusting person.”

Davis said he fantasized about killing his sister and mother and that he would kill again. He described his perfect fantasy: dressing in a suit, decapitating a girl and putting her in a dress before having sex with her corpse.

“It would be a night to remember,” Davis said.

Jurors cringed and one covered his face when Davis described a time he choked, drowned and cut open a cat, then performed a sexual act with the remains.

“I don’t have standards. I don’t have morals. A body’s a body. A piece of meat,” Davis said.

Davis said he asked his mother for permission to die because he was bored with life and didn’t like people. She was distraught, he said, but told him she couldn’t control what he did.

That’s when he decided to kill her, he said.

“I’m not mentally disturbed. I’m sane. I know what I did,” he said during the interview.

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