Carpet at Nashville International Airport gains popularity on social media

Online store sells merchandise, clothes with BNA carpet pattern
Posted at 12:43 PM, Dec 25, 2018

There are many changes planned to revamp Nashville International Airport including the newly unveiled parking garage. Part of the plan is to give the airport a face lift which includes replacing the terminal carpet that surprisingly has garnered popularity.

The brown carpet with its unique lines and swirly designs was installed in 2010. Earlier this year, the BNA carpet gained its own Instagram account with more than 6,500 followers and over 100 posts.

Its Instagram stories is flooded with travelers tagging the account as they typically walk through the airport and show the carpet.

In case you are a fan, you can purchase clothes, shoes, luggage, and phone covers with the same pattern on an online merchandise boutique called Ray Reid.

The popularity also resembles the love for the iconic, retro carpet at Portland Airport before it was removed a few years ago. It also had social media accounts and countless merchandise that offered the pattern.

Airport officials in Nashville are aware of the BNA carpet fame. However, it will slowly phase out by the start of the summer of 2020.

By 2023, it will all be updated with either terrazzo or new (with a different pattern) carpet, according to a BNA spokesperson.

The changes are all part of a bigger picture called BNA Vision. The plan will include demolishing the existing Short Term Parking Garage next month to make room for a bigger and more modern garage.

Expansion is also underway for Concourse D and terminal wings, and people should start seeing visible of that in January when steel starts going up. Concourse D will add six new domestic aircraft gate, a variety of restaurants and retail options, and a live music stage. It is expected to be completed by 2020.

Additionally, there will be a major renovation of the terminal lobby, which means expanding security screening checkpoints

All of the BNA Vision plan is expected to be finished by 2023.