3 countries you can call home for cheap

Posted at 12:43 PM, Apr 21, 2017

Looking to break out of your normal day-to-day rut?  There are plenty of countries where $1,000 a month will buy you food, housing, adventures, and a whole new look at the world. Jared Cotter talked with travel writer Tim Leffel, author of A Better Life for Half the Price to find out about three countries you can call home for a bargain price.

1.  Nicaragua

If you're looking in Latin America, Nicaragua would probably be the cheapest overall. It's a country that has decent roads, decent infrastructure and it's not that hard to get to. It's a place where you can rent an apartment or a house for around $200 to $300. Also, groceries aren't expensive and health care is reasonable. If you like world class surf spots, excellent food, inexpensive drinks and plenty of outdoor entertainment then Nicaragua could be your nirvana!

2.  Bulgaria

If Europe is more your style then Greece’s next door neighbor is your best bet. It's so cheap to buy a house there. You can find them on eBay for less than $20,000. For the kind of money you would pay in small town USA for a condo, you could buy a penthouse in a beautiful building in the capitol city of Sofia. They also have really good food there and there's a lot of hiking. You even get some great skiing in the winter and you’re close to a lot of other fun places in Europe. This exotic country on the Black Sea has a tremendous history with a wide range of lifestyle opportunities for anyone.

3.  Cambodia

Finally, let's head to Southeast Asia and the temple hub of the world. The big advantage is you can get a business visa for a year and you just pay for it. They don't restrict you in terms of working or starting a business. There are some nice beaches and islands down to the south and there are lots of great ruins to explore. There’s even some jungle hiking there and adventure. Around the capitol, $300 to $500 is normal for rent each month, but outside the city you can get a sweet 3 to 4 bedroom beach house for $500 or a nice apartment with appliances, swimming pool and parking spots.

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