How to save at the pump Labor Day weekend

How to save at the pump Labor Day weekend
Posted at 2:32 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 20:27:00-04

Barry Szafran drives a whole lot for his job working on alarm systems. Finding a way to save on the amount of money he spends on gas is crucial to his life. 

He recently turned to GetUpside, an app that gives you money back

You go to one of the more than 100 gas stations in the network.  Buy gas from there, submit a receipt and it credits money back to your account. He says since April he's gotten $91.52 back in his account.  Again, keep in mind, Szafran travels a lot. 

"It can save between five and ten dollars a week," he said."The money is better in my pocket than wherever else it might be."

But drivers like Bill Wilson, who is headed to Tallahassee, are more traditional. 

"I’m here I rode around for 30 minutes, trying to find a reasonable price," he said. 

There are other apps out there like Gas Buddy. Experts also say consider using cash. It can save you at the pump when it comes to money in your wallet and much more. 

"Skimmers can’t skim cash, so I feel safe with cash getting gas," he said. 

For some, the search on the road and on your smartphone just isn't worth it.  

"I think it takes more time and effort to find cheaper gas," said driver Shahab Shaukte "The time is worth more than actual money you save on gas."

AAA predicts the uptick in gas prices should be temporary.

“With Labor Day approaching, motorists could see a small swing towards higher gas prices, but any jump should not last past the holiday weekend,” said AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano in a statement.