Remote tellers talk to you at Bank of America ATM

WEST PALM BEACH - The teller window now covered over at the drive through at a Royal Palm Beach Bank of America. Machines that look like ATM's are doing the talking for some tellers.

"He loves that there's a live teller there if he needs one," the commercial says.

The teller even greets you by name. Teller Assist is sold as convenient since the machine works long after bank hours. Bank of America said the virtual teller can help with any need.

"One stop, one machine," the commercial continues. "One time, 'Mr. Control' forgot his debit card. But he found out they even let him use his license to access his account!"

That claim, that you only need a driver license to access your account concerned Suzan Douglas after she said thieves wiped out her account.

"Apparently they deposited counterfeit checks in both accounts and using a virtual teller ATM they were able to withdraw all the cash from my accounts using a stolen drivers license," Douglas explained.

Bank of America said  it's still investigating, but feels these virtual tellers are safe. Even though the commercial says only need one form of ID, Bank of America said you need two forms of identification in Florida to use the machine.

"I never trusted technology before and more leery now," Douglas said.

Customers are not liable for fraud, but Douglas is paying for the alleged crime in another way. She's now spending time straightening out her accounts and making sure the alleged thieves don't use her information anywhere else.

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