Paint chipping a problem for drivers; body shops cashing in

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - In South Florida, where cars sparkle like the sun beating down on them, there's a no so sunny outlook for some cars.

"I think it's ridiculous," said driver Kerry Leach. "I started noticing some paint missing off my car. A couple chips here and there."

The chipping gets worse just by touching it.

"When I was washing my car with the sponge it was literally coming off with the sponge," explained Leach.

When Leach hit the road in her Nissan, she took video of the paint catching the wind and flaking off.

"It's getting bigger by the day," Leach explained.

She's not alone. A Treasure Coast Nissan driver sent us pictures of his clear coat peeling off.

"I see a lot of paint failure on a lot of cars," explained Phil Wolf of Tuff Coat Paint & Body.

Tuff Coat Paint & Body is cashing in on the problem.  "The people have to paint them or it will turn into rust," Wolf said.

He said rust can appear in as little as three to six months.

Wolf said many makes and models are impacted.

Some have even issued recalls.

"I believe in the factory they are not letting the paint cure properly," Wolf said.

Wolf said most of his customers foot the repair bill themselves because the manufacturer blames the weather.

"Here we have that brutal sun year round that will accelerate the peeling," Wolf explained.

"I don't have a garage to keep it in," Leach said.

So Leach will keep hoping her manufacturer does something. Her car is just a few thousand miles out of warranty.

"I'm afraid to wash my car now," Leach said.

Paint experts say while you're washing your car, pay extra for wax at least two to three times a year. That's the best protection you can get for your car.

After our calls to Nissan, the company is evaluating Leach's car in mid July.


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