Jury finds Joseph Schiavone Jr. guilty

Posted at 4:56 PM, Mar 01, 2016

This case all started with a tip to the Consumer Watchdog, and ended with a businessman in handcuffs.

Joseph Schiavone Jr. was led away to jail Tuesday, eight months after we first exposed his business practices. We uncovered Schiavone took a down payment for a home and never fully refunded the money when the deal fell apart.

The state says the money was moved between bank accounts to cover up the crime. It's a crime that cost Sheila Seidel nearly $20,000.

While this guilty decision only focuses on one victim's case, we profiled another woman who also lost money in a failed real estate deal with Schiavone Jr.

Police say there are up to 10 victims, and Schiavone Jr. took up to $100,000 in failed real estate deals. The state says it’s still looking at the other cases and won’t say if more charges will be filed.

Schiavone Jr. will be sentenced in two weeks.

This case all started with a tip to Jenn. If you have a consumer story, let Jenn know on Facebook and Twitter.