Items you should avoid buying at the dollar store

Posted at 3:10 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 15:10:40-04

When you're only paying a dollar for a product, everything in the store sounds like a great purchase…but, sometimes you get what you pay for.

For instance, researchers at Healthy Stuff say to skip the electronics aisle. Many of the products tested high in chlorine. Batteries are included in that list of things to avoid.

Next, you'll want to avoid canned goods, because tests have shown BPA in the linings which contaminate the food.

One of the cans we found says, "Can lining produced without the intentional addition of BPA."

Although summer is here many of us head to the dollar store to pick up party essentials like plastic containers, utensils and cookware…but health experts say that's a big no no because those items could contain bromine.

And, parents it might be tempting to buy a couple dollar toys to keep your child happy, but many of the plastic toys have been tested for lead.

Hazardous chemicals like chlorine, BPA, bromine and lead have all been found to affect brain development and even cause cancer if ingested or touched.

So why are these products allowed to be sold at the discount store?

According to the watchdog group - they blame the feds, saying the U.S. doesn't require full testing of chemicals before they're added to most consumer products… and there aren't enough restrictions.

Although not every item at a discount store is a steal, there are some worthwhile buys. For example, party supplies, greeting cards, reading glasses, books and even spices.