How to safely sell your cell phone for the most money

Posted at 4:26 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 22:03:38-05

The release of the latest and greatest in cell phone technology will trigger a sell off this holiday season.

Guy Driver who owns TAZ cell phone repair in Carrollwood says the brick and mortar phone flippers pay the least.

For those willing to sell their old devices "by owner" then EBay may net the most money. The iPhone 6s, depending on storage, will fetch $100 to $200 at the store.That same phone could net $200 to $350 with a DIY online ad.

And check out online buyers like Gazelle, It’s Worth More, Gadget Gun and Buy Back World.

Just remember there area two must dos before you sell your cell. Back up everything on it and make sure you wipe the phone clean of all data. It is as easy as turning on the back up setting on your phone, but make sure you have enough storage in the iCloud and you have a Wifi signal.

To erase the device of all data delete your find my iPhone app. Once you do that tap the sign out option at the bottom. The phone will ask you once more if you want to sign out with a warning you are about to erase everything on your device.

To be sure the phone is clean Driver suggests going back and setting up your newly erased phone to confirm there is nothing left on it.