How to make sure your AC survives the summer

Posted at 1:28 AM, Jun 21, 2016
In this heat, chances are your air conditioning unit has been working overtime all day.
We reached out to the experts for some advice on ways to make sure your air conditioning stays up and running.
During the summer, the machines have to work a little harder.
"In these severe temperatures, a typical air conditioner capacity will be cut in half," said Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning. "A four-ton air conditioner will be running like a two-ton air conditioner."
Goodrich advises checking air filters once a month to make sure they're clean.
Technicians also recommend annual tune-ups.
Other tips include keeping the area around the units clear of leaves and other debris.
If cooling stops working, Goodrich says the first thing to do is check the circuit breakers. He suggests turning them off somewhat forcefully, then switching them back on.
Don't leave the AC on. If it's broken, turn it off.
At this time of year, it could be a while until technicians are available to come fix broken units.
Goettl is booked with jobs for the next two weeks, but Goodrich says they prioritize senior citizens without air  conditioning as well as women with small children.