Forget neckties — go big this Father's Day

Posted at 2:24 PM, Jun 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-04 11:51:36-04

Father’s Day gifts tend to involve objects like ties, golf equipment or sports tickets.

But what if you could get your dad anything in the world? He deserves it, right?

Here are several unrealistic gift ideas that may please to the old man.

Aston Martin Db5

Dad probably would love any sports car, but why not get him the sports car.

The Aston Martin Db5 originally was featured in the James Bond flick “Goldfinger” in 1964.

That particular car sold at an auction for $4.6 million, according to CNN Money, but other used Aston Martin Db5s could be had for the low, low price of $450,000.

The vehicle features a 282-horsepower engine and a top speed of roughly 145 miles per hour.

An even better idea? Put it on a racetrack.

New Orleans Pelicans

To be clear, the Pelicans are not for sale, but the team does have relatively new ownership, the best young player in the NBA in Anthony Davis and team values are booming — great for Pop’s retirement plan.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to visit New Orleans at least a few times a year with a tax write off for “business” purposes?

The pressure to win is a little lower than some other markets with flashier franchises, so Dad could sit back and enjoy the atmosphere without being hassled by too many reporters.

Also, the arena could be used for all sorts of things such as concerts, boxing matches or private viewings of John Wayne movies.

Trip to space

Space travel once required all sorts of training and career devotion. Soon, all it will take is a ticket — an expensive ticket, sure — but a ticket nonetheless.

For just $250,000, you can sign up Dad to take a space tour and a chance to fulfill every little boy’s dream.

Private island

A private island is great, but any multi-millionaire can have one.

But not every island has a Tom Fazio-designed golf course, so spruce up the gift for your father by employing the services of one of the greatest golf course designers of all time.

Dad doesn’t like golf? Add a putt-putt course for some versatility as he enjoys true get-away time.

Nothing keeps Dad from clogging up your social media accounts better than putting him on an island with no cell service.