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T.J. Maxx: 25 Thoughts Everyone Has Had Shopping There

Posted at 1:23 PM, Oct 27, 2017

We've all been there. You run into T.J. Maxx to pick up a few things. But you leave with a shopping cart full of who knows what stuff you found that was too cheap to pass up. What are you to do? Just accept that this is a fact of life and embrace it, I guess. T.J. Maxx is known for deals on everything from clothing to home decor to specialty food items you can't find anywhere else. Whether you consider yourself a "Maxxinista" or if you avoid shopping at the discount retailer at all cost, these shoppers' thoughts on T.J. Maxx are sure to give you a laugh.

1. Willpower.

2. When you found what you weren't looking for.

3. One for the books.

4. That face when you scored at T.J. Maxx.

5. Maybe you'll need it... someday?

6. Not trying to talk you out of it!

7. Right?

8. It's like the stuff just jumps into your cart.

9. We'd be tempted, too.

10. It's called "winning at life."

11. Now that's romantic.

12. When education thwarts amazing finds.

13. Shopping binge denied.

14. Parenting, Maxxinista style.

15. Amazing deal over necessity.

16. Looking for the best finds can be a workout.

17. Makes sense.

18. Because wiener dog Christmas blanket, that's why.

19. When you still have a reason to go back, it's a win.

20. Road trip with a purpose.

21. Don't take your eyes off your cart for a second.

22. Definitely divine intervention.

23. Moms know a good deal when they see one, just saying.

24. So much pressure.

25. We get it.

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