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Some Honda owners report phantom warning codes

Posted at 4:11 PM, Oct 25, 2016

We love high tech cars, with lane departure  warnings, backup cameras, and more.
But but one woman claims her high tech vehicle seems more like Hal the computer from the movie 2001 than the car she thought she was buying.

Warning Messages Start Popping Up

Amy Bond loved her new 2016 Honda Civic, until it started nagging her with phantom warning messages.

"You can see right here.  It's got a little yellow error alert," she said.

The Civic's optional HondaLink infotainment system flashes with failure warnings, such as "brake system problem: the brake system has a problem where the brake fluid may be low."

But that's not the only one, she says, explaining that "It throws a series of 5 error messages, just about constantly anymore."

Some of the messages are downright scary, she says, such as one warning of brake failure, and another reporting her alternator and charging system is no longer working.

The Siri-like voice even tells her to stop driving, saying "have your vehicle checked by your dealer immediately."

Dealers Stumped, Forums Light Up

Bond has been to two dealerships, on multiple visits. The car has even spent several weeks in the shop, but still no one has figured out how to stop the error codes."

"They have replaced the VSA Modulator a couple of times, and they have done a series of resets," Bond said.

Honda forums have dozens of complaintsabout this on 2016 Civics with the HondaLink smartphone hookup. One owner even launched a webpage dedicated to the issue.

Honda dealers are telling customers the problem is phone-related, and to keep driving until there's a software solution

But Bond says she's tired of this message that cries wolf.

"If something happens, I'm going to ignore it because it has been doing it for so long," she said.

We spoke with Honda of North America, which said it is taking Bond's car in later this week for a new reprogramming, which it hopes will resolve the problem.

It may also recall other cars that are having the same  problem in the weeks ahead.    

As always, don't waste your money.


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