Hate Target's website? Big changes coming

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 03, 2016

Many shoppers love Target. But they hate its website, preferring to shop for fashion on Amazon, Macy's, Zappos, and many other sites.

Now, Target has announced a major revamping of its online store, which is good news to many shoppers, especially one very unhappy woman.

Children's Toys Never Arrived

Amy Main will never forget her bad experience with Target's website,,this past holiday season.

"Something that I ordered Nov. 30, to not have my money refunded to Jan. 15 was awful," she said.

She says it took almost two months to get a refund for the toys she ordered for her young boys as Christmas gifts, that never arrived in time.

"I could have had this cleared up long before Christmas, and my boys could have received the presents I intended them to have," she said.

It turns out hers is not an isolated complaint. 

Changes Coming

So many shoppers have complained about Target's website, and difficulty of getting online help in brick-and-mortar stores, that the store has announced some major changes.

According to USA Today, Target in 2016 is reorganizing its app and website for an easier experience.

  • You'll place an order online.
  • You will then get a text when the item is ready for store pickup.
  • Stores will have special Order Pickup desks specifically for online orders, as Sears and other retailers already have.
  • Stores will easily be able to accept online returns from purchases at the pickup area.

You can currently return online purchases at stores, but many customers say the website has often felt like a separate company. 

"I spoke to a very nice manager at the store, but she told me, unfortunately, Target stores and are two separate entities," Main said. "And the manager had no power to even look at what happened."

That should change soon. The changes will be rolled out gradually this year.

Target hopes to have a much better experience for online shoppers -- and higher sales -- this holiday season, so you don't waste your money.


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