Rats temporarily close caterer & 4 restaurants

Posted at 5:15 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 04:55:11-04

At Chez Gourmet in Boynton Beach (1716 Corporate Dr.), an inspector found rodent droppings scattered around the facility. The inspector also had to throw away flour that had bugs in it.

"She was here but she just left," an employee said of the owner when we arrived.

The owner later sent us the following statement, "Immediately after the inspection we had our exterminator out to check everything and we did a rigorous cleaning everywhere.  We threw away all of the flour which had any evidence of little bugs and made sure we could reopen the next day. We have been in business for 20 years and have always strived to keep a very clean environment and have never been cited before."

Chez Ti Doc

Rodent droppings were on a cutting board sitting in the sink at Chez Ti Doc (229 SE 2 Ave) in Delray Beach.

A few rats were also in traps on the kitchen floor behind the cookline.

The restaurant also had to throw away pork that had mold on it.

The Sea Southeast Asian Bistro

Rats were running around at The Sea Southeast Asian Bistro (16950 Jog Road) in Delray Beach. Droppings were found , and gnaw marks were found on the brown rice bags. An inspector also noted that there were rodent rub marks on the wall leading to a hole in the ceiling.

Small insects were also found flying around.

The restaurant was closed during our visit, and they never returned calls for comment.

Lucky Takeout

Lucky Takeout (109 E Boynton Beach Blvd #F) in Boynton Beach was not so lucky too.

"How did the rats get in?" NewsChannel 5's Consumer Watchdog Jenn Strathman asked.

"I think there is a small gap in the back door there so we fix that," the employee said.

Over 100 droppings were found, with a few on the salt and sugar containers. Others were near the rice cooker.

"We did our best to clean it up," the employee explained.

There were also ants on the wall by the rice cooker.

Ocean Breeze

They're cleaning up at Ocean Breeze Golf and Country Club (5801 NW 2 Ave.) in Boca Raton after rats were found in traps under the cookline. One was live and the others dead.

The manager said he's embarrassed and surprised.

There are traps on site, but it's for precautionary reasons and not because they knew about the rat issue. The manager said there were no signs of any rodent activity previous to the inspector's findings.

The inspector also found an objectionable odor in the room where the ice machine is located.

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