Can sparkling or flavored water be harmful?

Posted at 12:21 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-09 12:21:50-04

(KPRC/NBC) - Sparkling or flavored water is a popular way to spice up your water intake without taking in extra calories.

But while you're being mindful of your waistline, is it any better for your teeth?

Some dentists say be careful.

"This is that kind of makes it bubbly in your mouth, basically that's carbon dioxide and chemicals in your mouth that convert the carbon dioxide into carbonic acid," said Dentist Terri Alani.

That kind of acid is not as bad as soda, but Alani says over time it can do damage.

"You have to, drink these in moderation because it can cause erosion of enamel if you use it an excess," said Alani.

On top of potential dental erosion, some of the drinks still have sugar. Vitamin water sounds healthy but be careful.

"You can pick up this one vitamin water and you can actually look at the back, and this is got 32 grams of sugar.  That's a lot of sugar," said Alani.

Tonic water seems like a good choice, but there's sugar and fructose in here too.

"This one is 7 grams of sugar, not bad, but it's got two servings so it's really 14 grams," said Alani.

It's the sugar in anything that is undoubtedly bad for your teeth.

Alani's favorite choice is Crystal Light packets, which she says their only pitfall is the color.

"If you really don't want your teeth to stain, you're probably going to want to drink the ones that are a little bit clearer. I might want to eliminate color something not like wild cherry or strawberry," said Alani.

Courtesy KPRC via NBC News Channel