Black Friday frenzy across Palm Beach

Posted at 7:18 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 19:18:43-05
It was a busy Black Friday across the Palm Beach area. Shoppers in Palm Beach Outlets, the Mall at Wellington Green and stores across the area were busy trying to get the best deals.
“Shopping for Christmas presents,"  said Mary Fredericksen who is shopping this Black Friday. "I’ve got a lot to buy.”
'Tis the season for the busiest shopping time of the year. 
“Every store out here has a different kind of sale so I’m actually really happy that we came out here to do that,” said Ramsley Merentie from the Chicago area who went shopping at Wellington Green.
Stores are cashing in on the shopping frenzy.
“We have been very busy over the last two days," said Kevin Grimes, manager at Beef Jerky Outlet. "It's been beyond my expectations.”
Between Grey Thursday and Cyber Monday, how important is Black Friday still?
“I probably do 50% of all my shopping online nowadays,” said Fredericksen.
Some shoppers who brace the long lines and shopping chaos try to make it a shorter trip. 
“This might be the only store we hit aside from one or two others," said Sarah Joseph who was shopping with her family at Toys'R'Us at Royal Palm Beach. "We do most of our shopping online.”
While shoppers were still out and about on Friday, it's certainly not what it used to be 10 years ago.
"I remember when I was little we used to sit outside and wait for doors to open," said Kara Fredericksen who was shopping with her mom on Friday. "I haven’t done that in years.”"
Nowadays, stores have to compete with online deals. 
“It has been challenging," said Roger Maheber, manager at Toys'R'Us in Royal Palm Beach. "Over the years we have seen a fall off from sales from a Black Friday.”
Black Friday is more than just good deals to many people.
“We make it a tradition," Merentie said. "Every time after Thanksgiving to come out.”
Kara Fredericksen is back home from college for Thanksgiving and to her and her family, Black Friday is as much part of the holidays as turkey and gravy. 
“It’s a tradition," Fredericksen said. "Now we do it every year. We spent Thanksgiving we go out shopping the next day just the girls. I love it.”