Best cell phone plans for your usage

Data usage jacks up cell phone costs
Posted at 3:08 PM, Jun 24, 2016

Unlimited calls and texts come standard with most plans. The big carriers make their money in data consumption. 

We use our cell phones as navigators, fitness trackers, music players and so much more, all of it eats up data which in turn jacks up your cell phone bill.

Money Magazine recently combed thru nearly 90 mobile plans offered by 10 major carriers to find the best lowest cost choices based on your needs.

For light users who talk, text and do some browsing Money recommends the Boost Mobile Data Boost 2GB. The monthly cost is $35. For average users who browse, navigate and upload photos and video Money picked Virgin Mobile Unlimited. The monthly cost is $40. For extreme use, heavy streaming Money Magazine found the best deal with Cricket pro-$55 dollars a month for 10GB of data.

All of these plans come with unlimited texts and calls. Some include a two year contract and depending on the carrier there are both prepaid and post paid options. 

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