Can you spot the ghost in this 116-year-old photo?

Posted at 2:58 PM, Oct 26, 2016

The above photo is a group of 15 women in their work attire standing outside a linen mill in Belfast, Ireland in 1900. At least, we think there are just 15 people there. Can you spot anything out of the ordinary?

Look closely at the women seated in the second row on the far right. See her right shoulder? Is that…a hand?


That hand can’t belong to the two women behind her, as their arms are crossed and accounted for. So where did this mysterious hand come from? Is it, perhaps, a ghost?

A sharp-eyed commenter on Daily Mail theorizes that there was another woman in the third row on the far right, (if you look closely, you’ll see the folds in the dress look a bit off) and for whatever reason she was airbrushed out, but the hand was too difficult to remove given the technology at the time. A search on chief-debunking-these-kinda-things site didn’t turn up anything.

Now, we are just days from Halloween, so it could be a ghost.

And remember—not all ghosts are scary.

What’s your theory?!

h/t: Good Housekeeping.

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