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10 last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Posted at 3:58 PM, May 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-07 12:14:00-04

So you've put off buying a special Mother's Day gift for Mom — again. And by special, we mean going beyond the usual potted flower or jewelry. 

With little time for online shopping deliveries, here are some ideas for getting her something quickly at local retailers.

Around-the-ear headphones, $70-$300
If Mom complained about the discomfort of ear buds after you finally got her switched from a Walkman to an mp3 player, there's never been a better time to get her back to the old-school style with brand new technology. She'll appreciate the soft foam comfort and the full sound. If you want to go kind of big, the Beats Solo2 Wireless headphone set is discounted as part of the Beats By Dre Mother's Day Collection.

Tripod sprinkler, $25-$50
If Mom likes to do yard work, she probably already has plenty of pairs of work gloves. Step up the gardening game by purchasing a sprinkler tripod, which stands tall and provides larger coverage.

Aromatherapy set, various prices
This one is super easy to do at a grocery store or pharmacy. Find the section with the smell-goods (candles, aerosol sprays, incense) and fill an empty basket. No woman can turn down great scents! Be sure to tap into your Mom's favorites — maybe she's a floral person or prefers baked goods and coffees.

Wheelbarrow, $35-$100
Serious gardeners need something to haul dirt, trays of flowers and tools. Help Mom save her back and leg strength by giving her a wheelbarrow.

Ukulele, $30-$60
The ukulele might be the more inexpensive option for the mom who wants to begin learning to play the guitar, but might not be the type to stick with it. 

As-Seen-On-TV items, various prices
Infomercial products usually grab our attention because they're useful. She may not be one to use Hot Stamps Hair Glitter, but what about the Ped Egg, so she'll have gorgeous feet? The "As Seen On TV" brand also features a pressure cooker, miracle bamboo pillows, watering globes for the garden, Time Life CD box sets and much more.

Family history journal, $5-$25
For this one, you might have to do a little crafting to get it to be special. Buy a blank journal and decorate the cover to make it unique to documenting family history. It will be a way for Mom to relive the memories and be able to pass them along to the younger generation. 

Day at the (home) spa set, various prices
Go to your local dollar store (if you must) or pharmacy and grab an empty basket or decorative box. Fill it with personal care goodies, including moisturizer, hand lotion, a nail file, a face mask, loofah, poof sponge, hand towel and more. Follow a color scheme if you can, or stick with just a few brands.

Roof-top carrier, $25-$300
Does Mom bounce between vacation spots, and the homes of her children? Consider buying her a carrier that fits on the roof of her vehicle. They come in soft- and hard-top versions to allow for space-saving or maximum protection.

Theater tickets, various prices
Does the local community theater group have an upcoming show? Some companies are still in their current acting season (though many typically follow a school calendar and end in late spring). Check your local event listings for show times and see if tickets can be bought quickly. Many community theaters now offer online ticket sales, with tickets being available at Will Call.