Toll relief coming to SunPass customers who take Florida's Turnpike, Interstate 95

SunPass Savings Program expected to save Florida drivers nearly $40 million, governor says
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Posted at 11:28 AM, Aug 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-25 11:28:52-04

ORLANDO, Fla. — Drivers who pay a lot of tolls in Florida will soon see some savings, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday.

Speaking in Orlando, the governor announced the creation of the SunPass Savings Program, which will start on Sept. 1 and is designed to save Florida drivers tens of millions of dollars.

"This will end up returning nearly $40 million to SunPass customers over this six-month period," DeSantis said.

WATCH: Gov. Ron DeSantis announces SunPass Savings Program

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces toll relief proposal

The toll relief package will provide discounts to Floridians who use SunPass and other Florida transponders on Florida Department of Transportation and Turnpike toll facilities for their daily commute.

Customers who pay at least 40 tolls a month will get a 20% credit on their SunPass account every month. Customers with 80 or more tolls a month will get a 25% monthly credit.

"This is small but important savings," DeSantis said. "This adds up to give people some breathing room, because the inflation is costing people thousands of dollars a year. So if we can do some relief here and there, then we're providing some support for folks."

The governor added this will impact roughly 400,000 SunPass customers and will run for six months until the Florida Legislature holds its annual session to work on a more wide-reaching toll relief package.

SunPass customers don't have to take any action to take advantage of the credit, which will start showing up on your bill in October, according to the governor.

"The people that are on our roads a lot, obviously these are our people, and we want to be able to provide relief," DeSantis said.

In addition to Florida's Turnpike, drivers who use toll express lanes on Interstate 95, Interstate 75, and Interstate 595, along with the Sawgrass Expressway, will be eligible for the savings.

Certain roads, however, which are operated by the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and Central Florida Expressway Authority, will not be included under the program.

To see a full list of the impacted tolls, click here.