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Why you should be wearing sunscreen indoors

5 ways to keep your skin healthy while quarantining
Posted at 10:51 AM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 15:07:20-04

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Perhaps the last thing you are thinking about is keeping your skin healthy while you are quarantining. But here are 5 things you may want to remember so you look like yourself when the pandemic is over.

We asked Ellen Bauer, owner of the Wellness Jar Medical Spa in North Palm Beach, for 5 tips.

Full Interview with Ellen Bauer

1) Wash your hands before your face
Bauer says you want to start with a clean surface. "You really want to make sure that you're not inadvertently taking something that might be a virus and putting it on your face and close to your mouth," said Bauer.

2) Wear sunscreen inside as a precaution
In order to protect yourself from UV rays you should wear sunscreen inside. "You're probably going to be walking outside [or] going to be near windows, you have UV light so you don't want to let your skin go during [the COVID-19 quarantine], said Bauer. So as a precaution of some UV ray exposure she says go ahead and wear it inside. “A lot of people who have sun damage you can usually tell it’s on the side of the face you drive your car. Because you get more sun than you realize through a window,” said Bauer.

3) Use multipurpose products
To cut down on the number of products you are purchasing for your skin regimen try to find products that have many purposes. A sunscreen with antioxidants is a great suggestion.

4) Make your products go further
You obviously don't want to be running to the store all the time during the COVID-19 quarantine. You can expand the life of your products by taking a pea-sized portion and dabbing it on the four-corners of your face (forehead, nose, left check, right check). "You can spread that small amount all over your entire face [by dabbing]," said Bauer.

5) Eat a healthy diet and hydrate
"If you are not eating right it will be reflected in your skin," said Bauer. She says make sure to get enough vitamins A, C, and E because those help with your skin stay smooth, collagen, and helps avoid breakouts.