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Warrior Ceremony moved to before Race For The Cure walk

Posted at 11:44 AM, Jan 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-14 11:47:32-05

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Saturday, 1000 North in Jupiter hosted the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure committee's kick-off party. "[1000 North is beautiful, it's on the water," says Kate Watt, Executive Director of Komen Florida.

"We love having the Komen Foundation here as I think as much as they like being here. It's a great spot for it. It's a great location," says Lee Morris, General Manager of 1000 North.

The committee all a buzz about the biggest change at the 5k walk.

"So the Survivor Ceremony has always been at the end of the day," says Karen List from Komen Florida.

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But this year, it is being moved to before the walk and the Warriors will lead the walk.

"I think it will so much more meaningful this year," says List.

"Inspirational is really the one word I would sum it up in," says Betsy Burden, a 2020 Ford Race For The Cure Warrior.

Tanya Burke says the new format will make the walk will be more meaningful. "We all come together to support each other. It is a massive sea of pink. And it really just represents hope, and it represents faith and it represents, 'We got you girl,' and we can do this," Says Tanya Burke, a 2020 Ford Race For the Cure Warrior.

"You go through your treatment and maybe you have your family and you have your friends and then this is the one day you look around and it's a sea of people like me," says Jill Weiss, President of Komen Florida.

Komen says the event is extremely critical to their mission work.

"It is a large part of our budget and you know we want to give as much money and put as much money as we can back into the community and this race is pivotal to do that it's the linchpin of our fundraising,"
says Weiss.

"Komen gets calls every single day... ...who are saying, 'I need help.' I can't afford to get a diagnostic test it's $750 and rent is due," says Watt.

Komen says there are many ways to participate in the Race For The Cure.

"We would like you to register, we would like you to fundraise, we would like you to come and participate, we'd love for you to volunteer, there's a whole plethora of things we'd love for you to do," says Weiss.
Another change at the walk for the Warriors is this year they are bringing their metals back and they are getting a Flamingo participation pen this year to add to the ribbon.