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Wag Your Tail Wednesday: Bandit and Bryer each need a forever home

Posted at 12:12 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-31 17:19:56-04

UPDATE: Bryer has his "FURever" home!

On Wednesday, we asked Big Dog Ranch Rescue to drop by with a couple of dogs that need their forever homes.

Bandit is a mix breed small (under 24 lbs) fully grown four-month-old puppy.  He is Black and white.  Bandit is an adorable little boy who was rescued from Puerto Rico.  He is quite spunky and loves to play with his buddies.  He's not quite sure what to make of bath time yet but is getting used to it.  Bandit is eager to find a loving family of his very own to explore and go on adventures with.  All puppies do require obedience training so he can be sure to grow up to be a proper gentleman.  In turn, he will be your best friend forever.

Bryer is a nine-year-old retriever mix who is yellow.  He is a stunning gentleman.  Bryer is seeking a human love interest of his very own to share his golden years with.  He has plenty of energy and is still very active so get your sneakers ready.  Bryer is great with other dogs and has many pals at the Ranch.  Bryer is your boy!

Learn how to adopt Bryer or Bandit.

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