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Two sisters blogging about Palm Beach has lead to a new partnership with retailer vineyard vines

Posted: 3:39 PM, Mar 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-01 17:02:18-05
Two sisters blogging about Palm Beach has lead to a new partnership with retailer vineyard vines

Have you heard of social media influencers?  They are people with an established credibility of a specific industry with a vast audience, mostly online.

Cue our local social influencers sisters Beth Aschenbach and Danielle Norcross of .  Six years ago they decided to show off the best of the Island of Palm Beach and blog about fashion, home, and travel.

Danielle explains, "We live in this beautiful place Palm Beach.  There was this younger generation that wasn't being shown.  We didn't feel like there was a voice for them." 

They post what to do in Palm Beach, where to eat, they even have a travel guide .

Beth and Danielle have over 55,000 Instagram followers.  The two moms post picturesque photos of their families living life on Palm Beach.I wondered if this was a hard image to keep up.  Beth challenged my assumption, "And we do want people to realize that is not necessarily how we wake up, or how we walk around."

And now, a national retailer, vineyard vines , understands the value of these two social media influencers.  They are featured in the stores' national catalog, displayed on store signage. I asked Beth if that was a little weird.  Beth laughs, "[It's] Surreal!  We love what vinyard vines stands for, and it's such an honor to be apart of this great brand." Beth continues, "I went to their website, and I was looking for something, and all of the sudden a picture of us popped up unexpectedly, and I was like, hey, that's us!"

I wanted to know if they thought as adults they would be representing brands, after a momentary glance at each other Beth answered for the duo, "Actually, I feel like... Yes.  I think that we honestly our whole lives have moved us to this moment."

I liked meeting these two entrepreneurs.  And since starts in 19 days I asked them to give us the top 5 looks fashion trends Spring.

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