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To go cocktails and gourmet sandwiches pop-up now open in Palm Beach Gardens

Posted at 3:29 PM, Mar 23, 2020

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — As many local restaurants find ways to stay open, Coolinary Café in Palm Beach Gardens has debuted it's 'Pig in a Pickle' curbside takeout service.

The service is available Monday - Saturday from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

The restaurant is running with a modified menu while the dine-in service is suspended.

In a statement, Chef/Owner Tim Lipman said, "Our team came together and brainstormed ideas focusing on what the public needs most, besides safety, of course. Given the amount of people working from home, kids out of school and the general public participating in social distancing, a sandwich shop really just felt right. A good sandwich always makes me smile, and we need more of that right now."

The bartenders from the shopping plaza's sister venue, The Parched Pig, are offering cocktails at Coolinary which can be capped and taken home.

The restaurant wasn't open for lunch previously, "It gave us the opportunity to create an additional shift (lunch) to spread out the staff," Lipman said.

Here's how the service works
1) Select your options from the modified menu (below)
2) Call in your order and provide your credit card information
3) Get a time frame to pick up your food


(each come with a side, listed below)

· Fried Chicken Sandwich ($13)
· Fish Sandwich LTO ($13)
· Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($13)
· Italian Pulled Pork ($12)
· Classic Burger ($15)
· Crispy Buffalo Oyster Wrap ($12)
· "Mc Rib" Sandwich ($12)
· Breakfast Sandwich ($8)
· Classic Cold Cut ($8)
· Avocado Sandwich ($10)
· Ma!... Meatloaf Sliders ($10)
· Mushroom Flatbread ($13)


· Fries ($6)
· Potato Salad ($5)
· Pasta Salad ($5)
· Kettle Chips ($3)
· Side Salad ($5)
· Ride ($5)

Soup and Salads
(add soup to a sammie or salad for $3)

· Daily Soup ($7)
· House Salad ($11)
· Beet Salad ($12.50)

Future Foodies
($5 Kids Menu)

· Mac ‘n Cheese
· Fried Chicken Tendies (choose a side)
· Grilled Chicken Breast (choose a side)
· Grilled Cheese Sandwich (choose a side)

· Chocolate Mocha Cake
· Chocolate Intensity