Security officers are opening doors for customers.The City of Palm Beach Gardens that the Food Court is following COVID-19 regulations.Mall walkers can enter daily at 8:30 a.m.Pandora is doing a line system to let customers wait before coming into their store.Social distancing signage has been placed throughout the Food Court.Water fountains are closed.Most shoppers were wearing masks.All mall workers are wearing masks and have cleaning supplies.Ready set welcome! We missed you signage greats customers.Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the mall.Most anchor stores are not open today. Saks Fifth Avenue plans to open Saturday, May 16.Social distancing signage is on the floor.Security guards are opening doors for people and carry cleaning supplies wihle wearing masks.Some stores are only doing curbside pickup.The United States Post office is open.You will know a table has been cleaned in the Food Court if this coster is in place.The mall asks that customers to wear masks.True Food Kitchen is still planning on opening.Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the mall.Not all stores are reopening.No rental of strollers, but you can buy one for $20 and the proceeds go to the Quantim House. Some booths have been closed.Furniture has been removed or placed further apart in the Grand Court.Restaurants are not doing dining room seating but are doing togo.The new mall hours are displaed for customers.Seating areas have been spaced further apart.Some stores are open, some are not. Check the mall's website for updates.The information booth is sanitizing between guest visits.Bathrooms have changed. Sinks an urinals are closed.A bigger staffing of cleaning crew in the Food Court.The food court has installed social distancing guidelines.Phone stores are open except AT&T which will open Monday, May 18.Here are the requested safey guildlines to follow at the mall.You have to make an appointment to get into the Pottery Barn.Elevators are for disabled and stroller traffic only.Starbucks has not released a date on when it will open its mall location.Hollister's coronavirus signage is clever.