T.A. butchers his short interview with rapper Flo Rida at SunFest

Posted: 2:50 AM, May 06, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-06 06:54:22Z

SunFest was nice enough to invite Taste and See South Florida backstage to meet American rapper  Flo Rida on Friday night. It was to be a WPTV's exclusive! There is nothing better than getting an interview that no one else in the market is getting! Or so I thought...


I stood in line waiting backstage for Flo Rida to greet me after his AMAZING SunFest appearance. I was given about 10 seconds of time to ask him anything I wanted. I was so unprepared! What does someone ask a mega-star rapper on the fly? 

Thankfully, my friend Carmine was backstage. He hosts nights on WilD 95.5 and has hung out with Flo Rida before. Carmine has even played basketball with Flo.  So I asked for suggestions for questions. Carmine had a bunch of great ideas but there was only one I thought would evoke a great answer in my allotted time. Carmine suggested, "[ask him] how many push-ups he can do?" Which makes sense when you see Flo Rida is super stacked.

When the time came to meet Flo Rida panic came over me and I forgot my question. I said, "WPTV. I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome and rocking it tonight, man." What? He raps! He doesn't rock! I froze! That's not what I wanted to say!

Flo Rida said, "Oh thank you so much, man. Cinco De Mayo, baby."  At this point, I couldn't remember what I just said to him, but I knew it wasn't anything about Cinco De Mayo. I think my stupid statement confused even the great Flo Rida!

NEW RULE: For now on, if you don't know what to say, just say, "Cinco De Mayo, baby."


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