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Stunning eyes! Two dogs looking for their forever homes

Wag Your Tail Wednesday
Angel's eyes are stunning, he is from Puerto Rico, who is going to need some training.  He is available for adoption from 
Posted at 1:33 PM, Dec 16, 2020

JUPITER, Fla. — Every week we feature two dogs from Big Dog Ranch Rescue looking to be adopted by loving humans.

Hi! My name is Angel. I was rescued in Puerto Rico, along with my brothers and sisters, before arriving at Big Dog Ranch Rescue. We were rescued from a very rural situation and are still getting used to being around people and living inside! We are absolutely going to need lots of training to help us understand the way that things work around here! We are very dog selective and typically play among ourselves, as our style of play can be a bit rough. We are probably not going to be a great t for a family with young children as we need to have strong confident humans in our lives to show us the way. We would love to have a home with a big yard to remind us of home and so that we are able to release our energy in an appropriate way. I may only have one eye but that doesn't keep me from living life as a happy pup! We are friendly with new visitors here on the ranch and appreciate them taking such good care of us!
Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Hi! My name is Yahtzee! I was rescued by an animal shelter in Georgia before arriving at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue. But then I was brought to the Big Dog Ranch and Rescue, along with my very best friend Bingo, and I'm hoping that they can help me find a new forever home here! Bingo and I became good friends while at the shelter because he was sad about his owner surrendering him so I helped him feel better. We were always told that we are just the SWEETEST boys! They describe me as a "big goofball." I love to ride around in the car, eat lots of food, and just want to be your best friend. I'm not quite potty trained yet but I'm getting there! I don't mind being walked on a leash but I absolutely love to play in a fenced-in area and would be perfect for a home with older children, since I don't always know quite how big I am. The staff at the shelter thought that I may have been hit by a car at some point in my life because of the way that my hip sticks out. You can tell that it bothers me, but it doesn't stop me from living life and loving everyone that I meet!

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