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See the original Batcopter this weekend at the Stuart Air Show

Posted at 8:54 PM, Nov 02, 2017
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The selife you need to cross off your bucket list this weekend is in front of the Batcopter at the Stuart Air Show.

It's owner Captain Gene Nock says, "Here's the original Batcopter you can't ask for a bigger icon-- it's been around all these years."

The legendary chopper from the 1960's television show, Batman, starring Adam West will be on display and performing demonstrations, along with one of the five original Batmobiles and Batcycle.

This chopper has been used for many things; like the MASH movie, and the Green Hornet and FBI TV series.

At one point the chopper had official government duties. "It even when up to Oregon and Alaska on contracts for government affairs so it could spot for fires," says Captian Nock.

But for now, this weekend the Batcopter is flying up high above Stuart with panoramic views of golf courses and the Treasure Coast's natural beauty.  Inside the helicopter are autographs from Burt Ward, who played Robin, Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar who played Cat Woman, and other D.C. comics alumni.


Come see all the original Batman toys at the @stuartairshow

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Captain Nock bought the chopper in 1997 and restored it back to its Batman persona.  He takes it out on tour to inspire young people to get involved in aviation. The FAA even calls it the "Batcopter" in official air traffic control instructions. Which I think is the coolest thing the government has ever done, "I tend to agree, I tend to agree, I will tell that to the Blue Angles" laughs  Captain Nock.