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Punched dog finds safe home in Port St. Lucie

No charges filed
A dog punched over and over all caught on camera in Boynton Beach.  The video created outrage.  Now WPTV NewsChannel 5 is happy to show you that pup was reunited with an old friend.
Posted at 4:40 PM, Oct 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-13 16:40:29-04

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A happy reunion. Addison the dog back with her foster dad after this video showing a man beating her in Boynton Beach.

"You know we thought we had found a great home for her," Said Greg Greg Digieso, Casa De Doggie Animal Rescue.

Animal Care and Control shaved her to check for bruising after the attack.

"Bald is Beautiful," Said Digieso.

Pat Deshong, President of Furry Friends Animal Rescue isn’t involved in the case but watched the video, "I was upset, enraged, probably like everybody else. No animal should ever be kicked, slapped, punched or whatever - like that guy was doing to that dog."

MORE FROM WPTV: Prosecutors tell WPTV NewsChannel 5 the abuse wasn’t severe enough to press charges

"It crushed me. It crushed me, you know you are watching one of your kids get punched," Said Digieso.

Deshong said the coronavirus pandemic and the presidential election are adding stressors to people's lives and if you are feeling like you are going to lash out at an animal, you should find ways to calm yourself, "If you have that impulse, bring the dog back to the shelter. Even if it's just temporarily until you get help!"

Deshong said Addison is back in a safe place, "That dog definitely knew it belonged in his arms.”

Plus, Addison is back with one of her puppies, has a big backyard to play in and visits dog parks all around Port St. Lucie.

"Every day it's a new trail that we go on. It's a win for me and, I hope it's a win for her," Said Digieso.